Saturday, September 11, 2010

Now Recruiting Runners in the East Bay Area - TaskRabbit

 Apparently, TaskRabbit has taken San Francisco by storm and they need more runners to fill the required jobs. I still think that I would have to need someone pretty desperately before I'd let a perfect stranger into my house to do an odd job - or God forbid, make my bank deposit. That's going a bit too far.
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------------------------------- now recruiting Runners in the East Bay:
2010-09-11, 12:53AM PDT

Life is busy. But if you don’t have time to go to the bank, would you trust a stranger to deposit a check for you? Users of TaskRabbit, a network of part-time personal assistants, do. The site pairs assistants, called runners, with overtasked city dwellers. TaskRabbit has more than 300 runners, who have all undergone a background check, and they accept tasks online from thousands of users in Boston and San Francisco. Task requests include running to the bank, jump starting a car and building furniture inside a stranger’s home. My request for groceries last Thursday night resulted in two runner responses within 15 minutes, and orange juice was delivered to my neighborhood within an hour.' has taken San Francisco by storm and is growing to the East Bay. Our online marketplace is attracting the attention of the local news, the Wall Street Journal, and the Today Show because we are helping underemployed people find additional sources of income and purpose. Some tasks that are currently up for grab include:

- Moving help in Berkeley, CA
- Plumbing expert for temporary dishwasher hookup
- Folding, rolling, and stickering t-shirts
- Fix sync issues with MacBook Pro and iPhone 4
- Pick up replacement glass
- Slip 'N Slide engineering and construction
- Tidy and organize
- Get pants from H&M
- Ride to and from SFO

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